Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc. – Preston County, WV

Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc. provides Medical Escort Service throughout Preston County, WV. This program is designed to assist individuals with functional deficits in hearing, vision, transferring, and comprehension travel to and from medical appointments.

To Request a Medical Escort, Call: (304) 329-0464

Q.: What Type of Medical Appointments Is Medical Escort Service For?

A.: Medical Escort Service is available for doctor visits, dental appointments, diagnostic testing, and recurring therapy.

Q.: How Does It Work?

A.: This door-to-door service provides a driver to help the individual in and out of the vehicle, transportation to and from medical appointments, and basic assistance to help the patient get to and from their medical appointment.

Q. How Do I Request a Medical Escort?

A.: Medical Escort service must be requested in advance. Call Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc. to set up service and make an appointment for a Medical Escort: (304) 329-0464. In many cases, the service can be coordinated with the individual’s medical provider.

Q.: I Use a Wheelchair. Can I Use the Medical Escort Service?

A.: Yes. If you use a wheelchair, let us know when you make your appointment so that we can send the best vehicle to meet your needs.

No transferring is involved. We will send a vehicle with a wheelchair safety restraint system for your convenience,

Q.: What is the Cost of Medical Escort Service?

A.: Medical Escort is reimbursed by Medicaid. The fee for non-Medicaid participants is based on income:

Medical Escort

Monthly Income Fee for people under age 60
Up to $1179 $10.00 + .38/mile after 30 miles
$1180 – $1421 $12.00 + .45/mile after 30 miles
$1422 – $1663 $14.00 + .53/mile after 30 miles
$1664 – $1904 $16.00 + .60/mile after 30 miles
$1905 – $2146 $18.00 + .68/mile after 30 miles
$2147 and over $20.00 + .75/mile after 30 miles

Note: Fees and Suggested Donations are subject to change based on the requirements of supplemental funding sources.