Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc. – Preston County, WV

As our bodies change over time, so do our nutritional needs. Although good nutrition is important at all ages, it becomes even more important as we age. Over time, the metabolic rate slows, appetite can decrease, and the risk for certain diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, and diabetes can rise. These and many other issues can be addressed with a healthy, planned diet and some minor lifestyle changes. At Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc.’s senior centers, we offer a lunchtime meal each weekday that is designed to deliver healthful, nutrient-dense foods that can help you feel better while satisfying 1/3 of your daily dietary needs.

Minimize Illness and Disease With Proper Nutrition

When the metabolism and activity rate slows, we require less calories; however, our nutrient requirements do not decrease! In fact, because the body tends to become less efficient at absorbing nutrients and the digestive system slows, the need for certain vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber, can actually increase over time. By maintaining proper nutrition through the golden years, you can help keep your immune system strong, maximize body function, and minimize disease, illness, and other health-related issues.

Nutrition Tips

Your nearest Senior Center offers health screenings, nutrition assessments, and personalized diet instruction targeted to your specific needs. You are encouraged to explore these options. Be sure to eat a healthy balance of nutritious foods each day and stop in to your local senior center for socialization and a delicious, nutritious meal during the noon lunch hour. Following are some general tips to keep in mind to help you get the most out of every meal.

  • Choose Lower-Calorie, Nutrient-Dense Foods
  • Include Plenty of Calcium and Vitamin D for Bone Health
  • Choose Vitamin C for Improved Cellular Health and Iron Absorption
  • Plan Healthy Meals in Advance
  • Keep Cut Veggies, Whole Wheat Crackers, and Low-Fat Cheese Cubes Handy for a Quick, Healthy Snack
  • Avoid High-Sodium, Pre-Packaged, and Preserved Foods

For more information about our nutrition programs, please give us a call at: (304) 329-0464.