Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc. – Preston County, WV

Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc. is looking for individuals who have a specific talent, skill, or knowledge in a particular area that they are willing to share as volunteer teachers. We would like to add new classes and creative activities at our seven senior centers throughout the County. If you have an idea for a class or activity, please let us know by calling Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc. at: (304) 329-0464.

Excellent Teaching Experience. Highly Engaged Students.

When you volunteer as a teacher for seniors, you can interact and share your knowledge directly with individuals who are highly engaged and interested in the subject matter. This makes the experience enjoyable for all. Our seniors have interests across a broad range of subjects and are open to learning new skills that can enrich their lives. This is a great opportunity for college students who are studying to teach – and an ideal platform for individuals of all ages who have something they would like to share with others.

Are You An Elementary Education Major at WVU?

Students enrolled in the Elementary Education Program at WVU are invited to gain valuable additional teaching experience at our senior centers. We invite you to offer a workshop or regular class of your choice at any of our seven senior centers located throughout nearby Preston County. You can set your own schedule and offer classes on weekends, breaks, or whenever works best for you. This is a great way to add additional teaching experience to your resume while working on improving your public speaking, communication, and interpersonal skills! To get started, please call Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc. at: (304) 329-0464.

Teach on Your Time

Scheduling is flexible and there are minimal time limitations, so you are able to schedule your classes as time permits. Whether you are able to teach a one-time workshop or offer your talent on a regular basis while sharing, socializing, and providing a positive experience with our seniors, we greatly appreciate your effort.

No teaching certification, experience, or curriculum is required, just a standard background check. We welcome you to come as you are and share what you know!

“A teacher affects all eternity; you never know where his influence stops.”
-Henry Adams

Thank you for helping enrich the lives of our seniors.

Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc. – (304) 329-0464