Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc. – Preston County, WV

Your local senior center is the best place to enjoy a hot, homestyle meal at a great price! If you are an older adult (aged 60+), stop in every weekday at noon for a delicious, nutritious, and affordable lunchtime meal. Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc. operates centers throughout the County that offer opportunities for fellowship and socialization, as well as fun ways to stay active, engaged, and healthy. When you join us for lunch, you can meet others and have a good time while enjoying a tasty, filling meal prepared with your needs in mind.

Let Us Do the Cooking

After children leave the home or a spouse passes away, many older individuals live alone and stop cooking large meals on a regular basis. This is understandable. It may feel wasteful to prepare a full meal for one. Although meals can be prepared and divided to freeze for future use (and this is a good idea), you may not always feel up to the task. If this sounds familiar, let us do the cooking! Each day, we prepare a well-balanced and nutritious hot meal so you do not have to eat alone.

Your Body Needs Nutritious Foods

Many individuals rely on microwaveable meals, snacks, and/or take-out for their daily meals. These types of food tend to be much less nutrient-dense than whole, home-cooked foods. In fact, these empty-calorie “junk” foods can make you sick or cause existing health problems to get worse. With age, the metabolism can slow down – and this can cause weight gain when we eat high-calorie/high sugar processed foods. We may also experience unwanted weight loss due to not feeling hungry during regular meal times. When you eat a wholesome meal each day with us, you can get the nutritious food your body needs to avoid bone and muscle loss while maintaining your weight. Be sure to schedule lunch with us often. We look forward to seeing you!

Enjoy Fellowship with Others

Your local senior center offers a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere where you can enjoy the company of people just like you who are interested in talking about mutual interests and having a good time together. After retirement and other life changes, it can be hard to know where the people our age are at! Many of us enjoy meeting at the senior center! Our members look forward to eating together, sharing hobbies and activities, enjoying the fellowship, and helping each other. We invite you to stop in and see what your local senior center has to offer.

Our meal plans are designed to be affordable, nutritious, and tasty. All older adults are encouraged to eat lunch with us every weekday at noon. If you would like more information about our lunch and nutrition programs or any of our services, please call Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc. at: (304) 329-0464.