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Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc.’s Medicaid Waiver Program is a nursing home alternative program designed to meet the needs of income-eligible individuals who need long-term in-home care. If your loved one has been determined to be eligible for a level of care provided by a hospital, medical center, or nursing facility, but would prefer to remain in the home environment, this program may be the ideal fit for your family.

Nursing, Personal Care, and Housekeeping Assistance

The Medicaid Waiver Program provides an extended level of professional care and exceptional support in the home. Highly trained and attentive nursing staff, an in-home personal care attendant, and a case manager are provided to help those who require a more intensive level of support. Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc. can help your loved one remain safe, happy, and comfortable in their own home or the home of a family member for as long as possible. Services can include:

  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Nursing
  • Housekeeping
  • Help With Errands
  • Recreational Activities

Our Nursing Home Alternative Promotes Independence

The Aged/Disabled Medicaid Waiver Program Homemaker Services are available through purchase of service contracts with case management agencies. The purpose of the program is to provide an alternative to nursing home care when participants meet Medicaid’s eligibility criteria. Homemaker Services are designed to help participants maintain, strengthen, and restore their independence. Services may include assistance with the activities of daily living, money management, nutrition, meal preparation and dishwashing, personal care, social and emotional support, communication assistance, ambulation assistance, housekeeping and cleaning, teaching safety techniques, and other services. Homemaker services are provided by trained personnel who are supervised by a registered nurse.

Eligibility for Medicaid Waiver In-Home Care

The Medicaid Waiver Program is available to individuals who meet program requirements. Interested individuals must be eligible for a level of care provided by a nursing facility and deemed Medicaid-eligible by the West Virginia Medical Institute. Contact Preston County Senior Citizens, Inc. to get answers to your questions and learn more about eligibility requirements, services offered, and how to help a qualified loved one access this valuable program. Call our friendly In-Home Services staff to learn more: (304) 329-6272.

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